What’s on your Bucket list?

Do you have one – a list of things you’d love to accomplish in life? A bucket list is an interesting way of outlining life goals or dreams, and it should psyche you up for that weekly 4am alarm. Have you watched the Bucket list movie? Billionaire Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) and car mechanic Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman) are complete strangers until fate lands them in the same hospital room. The men find they have two things in common: a need to come to terms with who they are and what they have done with their lives, and a desire to complete a list of things they want to see and do before they die. Against their doctor’s advice, the men leave the hospital and set out on the adventure of a lifetime.

Well, here’s a baseline for your bucket list.

The world is bigger than we’ll ever know. It’s far much richer in terms of cultural diversity, what we can learn, people we can meet and the things we can do. If you live in Kenya, and after local travels, East African countries should open up your outbound travels. Do you know it could cost you less than KES 15,000 or $ 150 USD to travel to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for a two-night stay at a 4-star hotel on Full Board? Here’s what I paid the last time I travelled to Daressalam with a friend.

Transport by bus on Return – KES 7000. I recommend Dar Express Bus. It was quite new and despite 4 bookings only in a 50+ capacity bus, we still travelled. We were given snacks and lunch (perhaps a marketing scheme at that time), the ride was too good and we arrived 12 hours later.

Accommodation on Bed & (Buffet) Breakfast – KES 2500 (two people sharing a room). For 2 nights, the two of us paid KES 5000.

Meals – KES 2000 (the average we paid for a very good meal was KES 500)

Yellow fever card – KES 1000 at the Namanga border

Two-way Hotel Transfer – KES 1000 for two via tuk-tuk

That’s a total of KES 13,500 that gets you to Dar and back. Of course, we travelled locally, went to the mall & movies, shopped and did other activities that cost money. Overall, it was a very affordable trip and I’m looking forward to another road trip to Zanzibar in Tanzania.

  • Find out what you really love to do and make it part of your life

Circumstances have had people in careers and jobs they hate. It’s part of the journey to growth and self-development hence not entirely a bad thing in life. Find out what you’d rather be doing – monetary aspects aside, because we ought to live to work and not work to live.

  • Manage the fear of failure 

Life has milestones that are good for growth but at the same time scary. It doesn’t matter how many wars you’ve conquered, there’ll always be an anxiety attached to a new project – what if I fail, what if it doesn’t work? Have a private wall of fame for the mountains you levelled and refer to it everytime you embark on something new.

  1. Have a constant reminder that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Success is a journey taken one day at a time.
  2. Plan effectively. Working structures should be visualized, constantly adjusted, sometimes messy but they give you an overview of where you are headed.
  • Learn something new within set timelines

It’s amazing what the human mind can do. Look around and see what has been created, occasionally through constant failure. Aim to learn something new and don’t let failure be a stumbling block. Set timelines because success does not come by chance but through effective planning.

  • Forgive people, it’s liberating

You’ve got to truly try this to understand what it means. Life is imperfect by nature and we can’t always blame people for the life we didn’t live.

In terms of activities to include on your Bucket list, here’s a link to 100+ ideas.

What’s on your bucket list?

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