Team Building: Get that steam off the office corridors

While most companies think team building for easing the work stress off their employees, others have a top-notch in-house approach to doing the same.

I visited a friend in Daresalam, Tanzania and he gave me a tour of their office. Fully fitted kitchen with stocked fridge and granite counter tops. Cutleries of china plates and stainless steel. Drinks – soft and hard – are served every afternoon. I’ll let you figure out the green carpet at the corner. Did you guess a golf course? You got it right 🙂 My favorite piece of furniture was the huge hanging and rotating chair in orange and red set beside the mini golf area, just in case one of the project gurus developed a stiff back while drafting that huge report from their leather seats. I was given a taste of the silicon valley. The internship movie gave us a glimpse of what it’s like to work in the southern San Francisco Bay Area of California. My highlight of the Google office was the food which I won’t begin to describe for obvious reasons. Check out the Kenyan version of office comfort from

Google called them Hammock chairs


Should Team building be included in a company’s budget?

Certainly! Here’s why.

While most companies can not afford chocolate & minibars, ping pong tables and rooftop views, they can definitely set objectives and plan for teambuilding activities. Team bonding activities:

  1. Brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Fun activities that help people see each other in a different light allow them to connect in a different setting. That boss that you loathe could well turn out to be fun, even more human than you depicted him/her to your friends.
  2. Is a great opportunity for discussing strategy away from the boardroom. Work needs a balance of seriousness and fun. Not all great ideas originate from the boardroom, the opposite could be truer. Safe stress-free environments are best suited for honest feedback. Group employees in packs and let each team draw out a 5-year growth plan. The competitive nature of the game will bring out the best ideas out of each team and help management project the staff commitment level.

    Team Building at Burch’s Resort Naivasha
  3. Definitely motivates & boosts Team performance. Identifying individuals strengths and reinforcing the same is a great tip for boosting performance. Making the effort to spoil & pamper your staff is a great motivator for them to return the favour.

    Team Building session at Burch’s Resort Naivasha
  4. Provide an opportunity for performance appraisal & setting new measurable goals. Performance Appraisal is the systematic evaluation of the performance of employees and to understand the abilities of a person for further growth and development. This would be a great opportunity to throw away the questionnaires and the discomfort they drag along during this once-a-year activity. Substitute with videos and post a fun engagement of employer-employee interaction in your organization. This would make a better story for your social media employee spotlight segment.

80% of the success of a team is due to team building and cohesive working relationships. 20% is the process – knowing what to do.

Team Building mind map
Team Building mind map, business concept

Team Building Package at Burch’s Resort Naivasha.

Rooms: 32 deluxe cottages of 10 twin rooms, 4 triple rooms and 18 double rooms. 13 standard rooms.

Tented camps: 50 2man tents with 100+capacity

Conference Hall capacity: 30 Pax to 150 Pax

Features Around: Open grounds ideal for games, picnic grounds by the lake, Camping grounds shadowed by Acacia trees.

Other Facilities: Swimming pool, Football equipment, Volleyball pitch, indoor, outdoor & bush dining, outdoor hot showers, open bar.

Activities: Boat ride at KES 300 per person, Nyamachoma, Mt Longonot hike.

Hells gate activities – Rock climbing, Traversing the gorges, Cycling, Swimming at the Geothermal Spa, the largest natural spa in Africa, Close range wildlife viewing. This is completely safe, Hiking in the awesome and scenic Valleys & Exploring the nature trails.

Visit the crescent island, the deepest area around Lake Naivasha. This Park is 15 minutes by boat from the shores of Lake Naivasha.

Tour the Crater Lake, a green soda lake at the bottom of an extinct volcano on the western side of Lake Naivasha.

Visit Lake Oloiden, the haven of flamingoes and flower farms.

*We provide a guide at a fee to tour these sites. Entry fees are separately paid on site.

Amenities: Pick up Transfers from any location at a subsidy cost, complimentary use of the conference hall with installed projectors, night Bonfire.

Distance from Nairobi1 h 46 min (87.1 km) via A 104 and Old Naivasha Road/C88

Distance from Naivasha8 min (5.7 km) via Moi S Lake Rd

Rates per person: 

Accommodation Bed & Breakfast Half Board Full Board





























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