The Best Honeymoon Package that fits your Budget

Besides wedding dresses, honeymoon destinations are the highlight of every girl’s wedding dream and the life goal of every groom to afford for his woman, No? In designing our honeymoon packages, we couldn’t have thought it out any better. We’ve set out a suite that will leave you breathless just by its location, but wait until you get inside and see what awaits you. Everything is rustic, yet sophisticated to represent our real touch of African beauty and hospitality. Our sensational welcome gift will leave your tastebuds scotched and will never measure up to any future surprises.

Burch resort

Breakfast In Bed

We will spoil you for choice when it comes to breakfast, and we recommend that you don’t leave your room because this service is only a call away. Unless you want a special table set to dine out in the sweet morning breeze.

Breakfast or Honeymoon

Breakfast post

Private sessions

We have a set of memorable private sessions just for the two of you. This range from a romantic picnic with the basket, blanket and bottle of wine, a private hour by the pool or a table set in nature’s divine.

Private settings Honey moon post

Honeymoon post 4

Special lunches and Candle-lit dinners

The only time you won’t be ogling over your spouse is when we serve you our delicacies. We have an assorted array of bonne bouche that will exhilarate your savour and make the highlight of your secret getaway.

Honeymoon post 3

Romantic dinner

Stocked Room

There will be different arrays of bitings, tea and soft drinks for the day you want to muse over the path that led you to the aisle. Room service is always a call away for a refill.


Special itineraries

Visit the Hell’s Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate National Park is less than 3kms from the hotel. Spend one of your late mornings exploring the spectacular scenery that includes the towering cliffs, water-gouged gorges, stark rock towers, scrub-clad volcanoes and the belching plumes of geothermal steam which make it one of the most atmospheric Parks in Africa.

Activities there include:

  • Rock climbing
  • Traversing the gorges
  • Cycling
  • Swimming at the Geothermal Spa, the largest natural spa in Africa.
  • Close range wildlife viewing. This is completely safe.
  • Hiking in the awesome and scenic Valleys
  • Exploring the nature trails

hells gate



Other activities on the itinerary include:

  • Boat ride and fishing at Lake Naivasha. Get to see the rich wildlife around the lake including hippos and different bird species.
  • Elsamere conservancy. Recount the tales of Joy and George Adamson with Elsa, the lioness they adopted and bonded with.
  • The Mt. Longonot hike. For the couple that loves outdoor activities.
  • Camping in our premises if you opt for a night of coffee and bonfire.
  • Visit the crescent island, the deepest area around Lake Naivasha. This Park is 15 minutes by boat from the shores of Lake Naivasha.
  • Visit Lake Oloiden, the haven of flamingoes and flower farms.
  • Tour the Crater Lake, a green soda lake at the bottom of an extinct volcano on the western side of Lake Naivasha. This Lake lies within a private game sanctuary with spectacular green water and plenty of game (birds, giraffes, zebras, buffaloes and elands).


Only third wheelers allowed in your holiday or honeymoon experience
The only third wheelers allowed in your Honeymoon


Check out when you are ready

We promise not to rush your last day with us. On the check out day, lazy around the premises reminiscing the best days of your entire life. Share with us what made your stay even more memorable, and we shall be sure to take it a notch higher for the next honeymoon couple.

Reach us at to get personalized quotes based on your preferred honeymoon or travel needs.

Do you have other honeymoon ideas that we could incorporate into our honeymoon package? Let us know.

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