How you can afford that Holiday you’ve been dreaming of

What has been your ultimate Holiday experience? Mine stems from years back as a child. I lived in a town 12 hours away from the capital centre. We packed our bags days to the supposed travel date. We folded, then unfolded our skirts and dresses because we had no trousers or jeans. Conservative is an understatement! We thought of how we would stay awake the entire trip and not give in to fatigue. Have in mind we had not slept the previous night to avoid the risk of being left by the bus. We kept watch into the dead of the night, wearing our red shoes and pink dresses with our jackets a stone’s throw away. Now holidays are quite peculiar. Our Instagram feeds are sated with photos of aeroplane wings by the window seat, boarding passes and food that was barely touched because it turned out too exotic.

If you are craving a Holiday and have no clue on where to start, here’s your ultimate guide.

Plan Ahead

Research on destinations and identify an ideal location. Look for deals if you are on a budget. There are plenty of places with amazing offers for different seasons. You can actually plan a trip 10 months down the line, but first, clarify with the hotel’s terms and conditions on such. Planning enables you to save for that particular trip. It gives you the motivation and discipline to account for your finances.

Know how much it costs

Decide how long you would want to travel based on what your budget can sustain. Check out on options for camping vs rooms, sharing vs single occupancy. There are plenty of destinations with a flexible arrangement. Find out what is most ideal for you depending on what you can afford.

Book your Accommodation

I once travelled to coastal Kenya without making prior accommodation plans. Big mistake! I opted to take my sweet time at the beach before I noticed night was slowly looming. All the hotels nearby were fully booked. I had to travel another 10 kilometres to find the nearest available hotel – which wasn’t too good for the money I paid. And guess what, for the whole time I was there that was the only accommodation option available. That decision ruined my entire Holiday experience. Make payment ahead of time and plan to enjoy the occasion.

That’s a good start. There’s no magic to spending a cosy weekend at When these 3 basics above are covered:

Plan the things to do on your trip

Most people forget the most important part which is knowing exactly what to do upon arrival. Have a schedule of events during the entire stay – places to visit, how much these activities will cost and how long it will take to get there. Lack of an itinerary could damage your holiday experience when you end up sleeping the entire day from boredom. And trust me, you’ll never get to plan for the next big destination.

Then flood our timelines and feeds with the time of your life. That’s what they have been created for anyway.

And don’t forget the art of packing and unpacking, way in advance of your trip ;-).

Well, what did I miss? Let me know in the comment section below.

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